carlee-steele-moss-creek-artI am Carlee Seele, the artist and owner of Moss Creek Art. I searched for a dragonfly medallion but could not find what I wanted therefore I made one. People noticed then asked where I found it and could I make one for them. I began this company in 2009 designing and hand crafting my work where I was born and raised in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. A friend had given me a kiln with a bucket of church glass shards and I learned glass fusing quickly. Currently I use glass produced in the USA, unique stones from around the world, metals such as sterling fine silver copper and gold. I am heavily influenced by nature creating pieces reflecting the effect it has had on my life. Art is in my blood as my history reveals ties to jewelers and artists on both sides of my family. This comes out in the form of nature and spiritual symbols that affect my soul.

I am married to Phil, who supports me and consults in some of the projects I create. I am the mother of 2 wonderful children ages 25 and 4. I am also so blessed with a 5 year old granddaughter. I hope to teach the trade to them some day. Thank you for browsing my site and I look forward to helping you find your unique piece.

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