carlee-steele-moss-creek-art    I am Carlee Seele, artist and owner of Moss Creek Art. I searched for a dragonfly medallion but could not find what I wanted so I made one. People noticed and asked where I found it. After I explained that I created it, I was asked if could I make one for them. I began this company in 2009 designing and hand crafting my work where I was born and raised in New Cumberland, PA. A friend gave me a kiln with a bucket of church glass shards and I learned glass fusing quickly. Currently I use 4 my kilns and glass produced in the USA, unique stones from around the world, and fine metals. I am married to a wonderful man named Phil who has supported and helped me through the years. I am blessed with a 4 year old daughter Samantha, 25 year old son Jacob and 5 year old granddaughter Layla.

        I am heavily influenced by nature creating pieces reflecting its effect on my life. Art is in my blood and family history. This comes out in the artwork that I create in the forms of natural and spiritual symbols enhancing your emotion, integrity and inspiration. A piece you love and hand down to someone later in life… a piece of me that became you.

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